Memorial Park

Local resident Leif Sandwick created, on Heath Road, a glowing memorial to Corinth's surviving and fallen heroes of all conflicts since the Civil War. Upon completion of the project, Mr. Sandwick donated it in its entirety to the Town of Corinth as a Veterans Memorial Park.

The dedication of this idyllic spot in June of 2000 was attended by many dignitaries, including the keynote speaker, Charles Lindberg, the last surviving member of the famous flag raising on the island of Iwo Jima during World War II.

This lovely garden spot where several touching and fitting tributes can be found is located on Heath Road and is open to the public. Paths provide access among the many plantings and floral displays to the various areas, and benches are provided for relaxation and contemplation of the beauty of the park and its surroundings

Mr Sandwick, with the able and enthusiastic assistance of local, state and federal veterans organizations, arranged for a U.S. Army tank to be placed within the park, with a bronze plaque describing the tank and its capabilities.

Another section of the park focuses on a soaring granite obelisk, engraved at the base with the names of all those young men and women who have fallen in the service of their country in more recent times.