Town Hall Telephone Numbers
Department Title and Name Phone or Contact Info
Town Hall Offices:   518-654-9232
Town Supervisor/ Bookkeeping Town Supervisor, Eric Butler ext. 3
Town Clerk/Tax Collector/ Licenses/Certificates Town Clerk, Brenda Pervis ext. 4
Building Department Code Enforecment Officer, Albert Brooks Sr.  ext. 6
Planning and Zoning Department Sec., Lynn Summers ext. 6
Assessors Office Assessor,                              Carrie Schermerhorn ext. 5
Town Justice Court Office Clerks: Lori Pike and   
 KD Martin
Highway Department Highway Supervisor, Shawn Eggleston 518-654-6962
Landfill Department Weighmaster,       Christopher Eggleston 518-654-8155
Dog Control Dog Control Officer,       Stacey Martina 518-760-2453
Town Museum Museum Curator,                     Racheal Clothier 518-654-2862
Town Youth Commission Lorraine Tefft youthcommission@townofcorinthny.com